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Let's do this, Rank these video game vehicles from most to least ICONIC .
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • Mario's Kart
    • NFS-MW M3 GT-R
    • Infernus from GTA Vice ci...
    • R-33 GTR from Gran Turism...
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    Comments (12)

    • Mario kart alone is the most iconic video game ever

        24 days ago
    • 1) M3 GTR

      2) M3 GTR

      3) M3 GTR

      4) M3 GTR

      5) M3 GTR

      6) M3 GTR

        25 days ago
    • Eh, Warthog, obviously people? Ones just a Lamborghini, two are real cars and thus don’t count, Marios kart is generic and the bat mobile is neat, but the Burton batman films had the better batmobile.

      The Warthog has been around, is easy and fun to drive, but hard to master, looks by far the coolest and come on, nothing else could replace it. It’s the coolest video game vehicle by far.

      I mean can you picture anything else doing the warthog runs in Halo Combat Evolved or Halo 3? I don’t think so

        24 days ago
      • You make a fine and disciplined argument there, good job. But for the BATMOBILE, I kinda disagree. Mostly cause I hate the Burton films, but I also hated the fact how the Batmobile in Knight was shoved down my throat constantly.

          24 days ago
      • The films are fine and meh for me, a bad film can have cool vehicles, I mean look at transformers 2 and beyond, and yes, the ‘mobile in Knight is a gameplay gimmick that is so forced into the game that they have to justify it constantly with tanks,...

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          24 days ago
    • We can all agree Mario’s Kart is number 1 right?

        25 days ago