- Windows Down, Engine Up

Let's Get Fast. Let's Get Loud.

When you start the engine and the stars are aligned.

Hello all.

It is the place. It is the time. The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived.

You are at the helm of your preferred four-wheeled mode of transport. It is autumn and the sky is blue bird clear. What do you do? You roll every window down, turn the stereo up to eleven, and put your foot to the floor.

Immediately your nostrils are inundated with the smell of exploding petrol, your ears are assaulted with the wail of the engine revved out to the red line, and your head snaps into the seat as you pull away leaving nothing but a rubber question mark, the smell of burnt rubber, and the sounds of your favorite artist fading away on the breeze.

The rush is intoxicating; a paradoxical combination of excitement and peace that radiates from your very being as vehicle, atmosphere, and driver all become one. This universal alignment has many names. It is the apex of any motorist's experience. When everything that you in particular love about driving comes together to become something greater than just the sum of their parts. Fruitless though labels are, they are oft inevitable. So in our community we'll simply call it Driver's Nirvana.

And there is nothing like it.

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