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3w ago


As you may or may not have already guessed, I've recently taken over as the tribe leader on Music Tribe. I've never led a tribe before this point so I'm pretty excited to see how far I can take this. I've had a few ideas of how to get the content rolling a bit more on here and here's one I think a lot of you will definitely be up for doing!

One of the best things about music, at least in my opinion, is the constant stream of new stuff that finds its way into our ears every month. I would love to be able to cover and review all of it but that's just not possible because there are only a certain amount of hours I can work in a day. So, I came up with an idea. Why not throw it open to all of you? So, here's my challenge to all of you on Music Tribe: if you write a review of anything that's come out within the last month or so, whichever review I deem as being the best written will get some TribeCoins. Obviously, any reviews I do myself will be excluded from this to make it fair for the community. This will keep rolling every single month so if you don't get any coins this month, you might end up getting some next month or the month after!

The key words here are "best written". Whatever style of music you're talking about isn't important, so long as it's something that's come out within the last month (in the case at the time of publishing this post, September 2020). It doesn't have to be a positive review either; if it's a very negative review that entertained me a lot, you might still win just for making me laugh! At the end of the month I'll do a post announcing the winner of the coins for the month, as well as some honourable mentions that just missed out but still deserve to be highlighted.

Start cranking out that content because I'm looking forward to hearing what all of you think about whatever new stuff is coming out!

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Comments (10)

  • Shame we cannot do retrospective reviews. My CD collection finishes in 1994.

      25 days ago
  • Am now wishing the last review I did was a recent one! 😂 I do have a few muso friends who have released things recently, will see if I can find some time make a submission here, very cool idea 🙂

      26 days ago
  • You could earn some TribeCoins for writing some reviews! @tribe

      26 days ago
  • The best written songs are of a recent Indian classical album called “Bandish Bandits”. After a long time, we’ve heard such quality music thanks to the iconic trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Loved the music.

    (This album is actually from a web series on Amazon, but the whole series is based on Indian classical music)

      13 days ago
  • Could one actually 'review' the whole review concept, of reviewing..

      25 days ago