Let's get this show on the road

2y ago


How awful is the name of this tribe on a scale of one to ten? At least a thousand, but it's better than giving up entirely and naming it after myself or my photo business. I'm not a huge personality in the car world, so it would be totally futile.

Expect more rare vintage beasts on the lawns of manor houses. Champagne and lobster optional, but not really.

What I am, is someone who has been lucky enough over the last few years to actually make taking photos of four-wheeled things my job.

Also expect cutting edge racing machines, in some of the coolest cities in the world.

I work with some truly amazing people and machines, and I get to see a whole lot of the planet doing it. I really can't complain.

And some things in between.

This will be my way of keeping all the cool stuff I get up to in one place, as well as the occasional long form thing. Hope you enjoy.

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