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      Let's hear it! Which is the best Performance Division?
      • AMG (Mercedes-Benz)
      • TeamRS (Ford)
      • F (Lexus)
      • M (BMW)
      • Polestar (Volvo)
      • TRD (Toyota)
      • Abarth (Fiat)
      • N (Hyundai)
      • Cupra (Seat)
      • Nismo (Nissan)
      • Audi Sport
      • HSV (Holden)
      • IPL (Infiniti)
      • OPC (Opel)
      • Ralliart (Mitsubishi)
      • Renault Sport
      • SRT (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep)
      • STI (Subaru)

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      • Lexus F has so much more character than the others imo

          2 years ago
        • Ypu just made my situatuon on the bus a bit akward with that many notifications­čśé

            2 years ago
      • You forgot alfa romeos quadrifoglio division

          2 years ago
        • I might make a part 2. I realise I missed quite a lot and the list would be very long.

            2 years ago


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