Lets off road.

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    The road ahead is flooded. Whats the first thing you should do?

    • Close the windows.
    • Speed up.
    • Check how deep the water is.
    • Turn on the windscreen wipers.
    • Take a deep breath.

    Whats the quickes way to stop in deep snow or mud in a vehicle with no ABS.

    • Gently apply the brakes.
    • Lock the wheels to build up snow or mud infront of the wheels. Then off the brakes run over it and lock the wheels again
    • Hit a tree.
    • Apply the brakes and change down a gear to use your engine braking.
    • Change down the gears and use engine braking only.

    You're two ton vehicle is stuck in deep mud. How much force will you need to tow it out.

    • Six tons.
    • two tons.
    • One ton.
    • I've had three weetabix for breakfast, i can push it out.
    • Four tons.

    You can change one thing only to your standard off road vehicle. Whats the best thing you can change to go off roading.

    • Fit an off road bumper with a massive winch.
    • Underbody protection.
    • Many spot lights.
    • Engine ECU remap.
    • Change the tyres.

    Your using your off road vehicle to tow a trailer when it suddenly starts weaving all over the place. What do you do?

    • Crash.
    • Ease off and gently let it slow down.
    • Gently apply power untill the weaving stops.
    • Brake hard.
    • Accelerate as hard as you can.

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    • This quiz lies. I can push out my 2 ton vehicle from the mud because I had 3 Weetabix for breakfast

        14 days ago
    • 40%

        14 days ago
      • well honestly if my car was going sideways i'd try to drift

          14 days ago
      • I have a series three Landy and i used to love driving that in the snow. Mostly becouse its a rear wheel drive pick up truck when its not in four wheel drive. Honestly their are those who believe the best car for drifting is a Nissan Skyline. And...

        Read more
          14 days ago
    • 80%

        2 days ago
    • 60%

        12 days ago
    • 40%

        12 days ago


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