Let's Remember That Time Toyota Made A Regular Old Camry And Sent It Drag Racing

    Yup, just a normal Camry like the ones you see on most roads around the world. Nothing to see here.

    5d ago


    Except, of course, if you open up the bodywork.

    Back in SEMA 2014, Toyota showed off a spaceframe drag racer hiding beneath the body of an unassuming Toyota Camry XSE. To say it shocked the attendees and internet commenters is an understatement: somehow, Toyota managed to cram a Funny Car-grade dragster packing 855 nitro-injected horsepower (from a Tundra truck's powertrain and rear axle) inside that sedan in under 11 weeks of build time. And other than the 335-section slicks and low ride height, you can't tell it apart at first glance against an identically-bodied Camry of its model year.

    Until you put a Christmas tree in front of it.


    Here it is running a demo stint during the 2016 NHRA Toyota Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


    And here's Jay Leno fielding one against a modified Ford Club Coupe with a 2005 GT V8 engine. Tim Allen drove the Ford. He lost.

    Now, yes, it may feel a bit like cheating to just re-body a competition dragster capable of a 9.8-second quarter mile, but I say this: at least the doors still work as usual.

    Additional info from MotorTrend

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    Comments (6)

    • The Micra's gonna have the best power to weight ratio.

        5 days ago
    • I wish the VW W12 GOLF would but it wouldn't. 9.8 secs is a really quick car. Micra. The power-to-weight along with all-wheel and twin turbo madness from the GTR may have it close. The launch control would help too.

      MJ, this is a stumper to be honest. 9.8 is not anything to joke about. I'm going to stick with the Micra. Power-to-weight, all-wheel and twin turbos may be the answer. I would have to turn up the boost though ... just to make sure. 35psi!!!

        4 days ago
    • Obviously a Mazda cosmo with an MZR-R engine!

        3 days ago
    • The juke nismo R, the one with the gtr running gear

        5 days ago
      • It's just the Juke-R (Juke Nismo is a different thing), but yes, that'd be neat to have as a rallycross car.

          4 days ago


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