Let's sign a petition to save the supercar

6d ago


The apocalypse of the EV truth has finally hit us. The Lotus Evija could be the last stamp of EVs on the glorious era of supercars thumping out gases which environmentalists don’t like.

Despite shouting for all those years, EVs have taken over every kind of car on this planet. So now what? Our rants on the EVs haven’t made any difference. When it was just hatchbacks or city cars, electric vehicles were fine, but now that the fate of the supercar has been sealed, God needs to do something. God needs to save the supercar.

The R8 is one of those who need to be saved

There is also something that we can do. We all can preserve the glorious petroleum powered cars. All the Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLaren, all the glorious past should be saved by us. All those lucky human beings who own these machines, please maintain them or even restore them so that when the upcoming generation asks “What were the supercars like in your age?" We can answer to them with some of the greatest cars in the world.

As we speak, the Lambo V12 could be dead!

The carmakers can help us by giving us the best Supercars. The last laugh to the supercar, according to every car maker. Their own version of the swan song. So let us all sign a petition (in the comments) to all carmakers to request them to make the best of the supercar. Their tribute to the supercar.