Let's talk about JDM

Again, the EV debate is getting tiresome so let's argue about something else!

6d ago

Apart from EVs, and as I recently discovered, cyclists, there is no more hotly debated subject on this site than the Japanese Domestic Market. The cars are often controversial, but the modding scene is the main talking point.

Personally, I love many cars that Japan produce. Their logical manafacturing process appeals to me, and they have also created and continue to create great driver's cars. One thing I also love that is apparent within both the cars and modding is the creative nous and willingness to experiment with new design languages and technology. Sometimes though, I do think that some of the modifying is taken too far. I love certain Bosozoku cars for example, but mainly the ones inspired by the iconic Group 5 race cars. Otherwise they look garish in my eyes. I also dislike the extremeties that cars are sometimes tuned to, as I feel it almost entirely changes the manner in which these cars behave which is not something I really like. Then again, drifting is insanely cool. So I like JDM, but only to an extent.

What about you though? What are your thoughts on JDM? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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  • what I don't get is people only seem to think JDM is 90s supras and GTRs with huge wings and 100000bhp

    it means Japanese Domestic Market so it can be so many other things it can't really be all classified as just "JDM"

      6 days ago
    • That is irritating. I mean a Nissan Juke is technically JDM

        6 days ago
    • Only if sold in Japan. Your nanโ€™s British delivered juke ainโ€™t JDM

        5 days ago
  • I love the kei cars and their light weight sports car like the MX-5, MR2, S800 etc. I also think a lot of the Subarus are very cool as well as the Evo Lancers. A lot of Mazdas I really like and a lot of the pre 1980s cars I love. However, with the exception of certian cars like the GR and GRMN Yaris, Mirai, CRZ and Insight I don't really like the rest of the post 1980s cars.

    As for the modifying I can respect it to a certain point but I don't particularly like a lot of it

      5 days ago
  • I like JDM cars (mainly '80s to early 2000s) mainly for their quality and their quirkiness. I would say that there are plenty of examples where these go to far, and I honestly prefer them in their stock form. I like them because they seem like they are from a better alternate reality.

      6 days ago
  • Like JDM cars when standard or tastefully modified, but not when they are made to produce 1000hp for example or are made stupidly wide or lowered to the point where it is practically on the ground

      6 days ago
  • I love jdm

      2 days ago