Let's talk about the new Supra

Why has it not had the best reception?

So after many years of anticipation and hype, Toyota unveiled the new Supra to many at the Detroit auto show this month.

It's fair to say the reception hasn't exactly been a rousing round of applause. Naturally some people like it and some don't, but the amount of people that don't turned out to be larger than expected. I have a few guesses why and here is my opinion, but first let's start with some super Supra facts.

The car uses a three litre turbocharged in-line six from BMW that produces 340hp. This means you will arrive at 60mph in a swift 4.3s with 500NM of torque helping you on your way, not shabby stats at all.

However, when you compare that to the A80's top European spec engine that produced 320hp using an in line 6, 3 litre twin turbo engine then it begs the question of why couldn't Toyota have upped the power in the new one. Seeing as they want around £52,000, and for £4,000 pounds more you could get a BMW M4.

The A80

The A80

See, I think the problem starts with the MK4. People rightly like to hark back to the old days, and the truth of the matter is the mk4 had a very simple design, but because of how heavily modded most of them are and due to it's F&F appearance it can be easy to forget that. Because of this, I and many others were expecting the new Supra to spit flames and have knives coming out the side of it. After many years of Toyota saying it will then won't be released it got to the point that the hype was so much there was always going to be disappointment unless it was an absolute monster.

Toyota teased us with the FT1 concept (pictured below) and I believe that's what they really should've gone with as it fits the Supra brand more.

You can't deny though that the new Supra does look pretty, BUT I feel it would've suited a GT86 replacement and here's why. It does have more of a GT look and isn't too far from the GT86 so it would've been fitting.

Also it's widely known that the GT86 is cross manufactured so that would alleviate the moans and groans about it having a BMW engine as people would expect it to be a collaboration car. Then we have the fact that many people believe the GT86 would be great with a turbo and also that it doesn't really have a legendary name to live up too, so if they gave it a 4 cylinder turboed engine with around 250hp and some slight modifications to lower the price, it could've been a real winner.

The BMW thing is just a slight mystery, I'm intrigued to know the reason behind it so please enlighten me in the comments if you can. Because Toyota know how to make a sports car. Could they not of dipped their hand into Lexus's magic box and taken things that way?

Some other gripes I've noticed people have is the lack of a manual gearbox, sure it's disappointing but the GT-R had negative press along the same lines and you see loads of them milling about now. For this reason I wish companies would leave names of historic cars in the past to be remembered fondly, as people will always compare them to their past counterparts and in this day and age it just isn't a realistic comparison to be made.

The interior is slightly lacking as well, very clean and tidy but again, for a car of this price you'd like to see a few gadget like or quirky things.

It just sort of feels like a huge marketing ploy from Toyota, they full well knew if they threw the Supra name about that they'd get a huge amount of attention.

I'd also like to ask how accessible you think this car will be in the future, will it's value drop and will many be sold?

In summary then, the Supra isn't a bad car but due to the BMW involvement, price and looks it's go mixed reception, so should this have been the car to bear the Supra name?

Let us know in the comments what you think of the car, personally we quite like it but think the price is a bit steep for what it is!

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Comments (3)

  • Too much hype, underwhelming final product. It is a BMW with a Japanese bodykit. Meh.....

      2 years ago
  • Finally, someone agrees with me about the Supra really needing to be a Toyota even if that means going to the Lexus parts bin. I don’t think this was the right car for Toyota to slap a Supra Badge on.

      2 years ago
  • Not a massive fan to be honest. Great write up though boys!

      2 years ago