Lets talk engine swaps

2y ago


Now look, I might be a little impartial on this front, but one of the fastest ways to save the beloved body styles and pure hammer and anvil simplicity we love from older body on frame classics is to drop a new motor into them.

the patient on the table

With the advances in the combustion engine, it seemed to me the responsible thing to drop an LQ9 from an escalade into my K5 Blazer. There were tons and tons of options out there, from the Cummins Diesel variety to the LSX engines, but the iron block LQ9 did it for me.

the donor parts, painted, prepped, locked and loaded

With the availability of modified motor mounts, flex plate adapters, plug and play wiring harnesses, and laptop tuning, there really is no better time to save an old truck from an early retirement, pull a strong engine out of a wrecked panel van and mix the two together.

heartbeat of America.

Now granted, this a pretty standard swap, lets here the more unconventional. The Toyota V8? Straight six? Windsors?

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