- Tesla Model S Performance

Teslas. Or just Tesla , we used the Tesla service at the Silverstone Classic, where we raced our MGB in the International Historic Sportscar Race, to get from the Wing to the National Paddocks and back again. And very comfortable they were.

As one does, I asked the drivers to tell me about Teslas and what they thought. It soon became clear that what I was doing was talking to the motorized version of an Apple fan. Tesla has worked out that by building an infrastructure of fast or "super" charging locations, no more than 60 miles apart in any direction, they can not only guarantee (as long as there is electricity) a completed journey, they can ensure that they know exactly where every Tesla (whatever model) is and what it is doing; and indeed, where it is going.

That, my friends is the scary bit.

However as a vehicle for traveling between A and B I love it. The Tesla S Performance, in "Ludicrous Mode", can achieve 0-60 MPH in 2.7 secs! It'll take your face off! Ok you have to pay £95k but who cares when you can get your own street legal dragster?

I don't buy the green thing, simply because, as a minimum, you have to dig the battery ingredients out of the ground and build the car; and, funnily enough (or not), a bunch of Brazilian miners died last year working on one of those mines.

Again though, none of the drivers mentioned green issues in the trips we took. One of them told us he'd driven to Spain and much of the drive had been self steering (by the car). Hmmmm.

So, I love the idea but will never go for the green tag for reasons stated above. If this is the future then I suggest BMW, Ford and Jaguar start looking at the infrastructure before going too far with the vehicles.

But would I buy an S? Yes.

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