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Let’s try this again shall we.

For the last two months, I’ve been unable to post, due to what I’d like to imagine is a reconcilable difference between the app, and beta iOS software. In that timeframe, I have completed the 2018 SCCA Solo (AX) and TimeTrials seasons, found new parts to spend too much money on in the effort to go faster, plotted and schemed for the 2019 season, become content with my 7th place AX and 4th place TT finishing positions, sworn vengeance upon those ahead of me, made blood offerings to the gods of speed, and have started working at a different shop in the attempt to fund this addiction.

That would incline one to expect that this would be an overly large update post, and normally one would be correct. However, I have a Lexus on my lift that needs work, an oil change on my own car to attend to, little time to do them (because Christmas Eve half day), and the opening event of the 2019 TT season to sign up for.

So, I will leave you with a bevy of photos from the last few months, some in context, some not, and the promise that I will endeavor to remember more frequently that I actually run a tribe, that may-or-may-not have anybody paying attention to it.

Hope that y’all have a very merry Christmas, and an awesome New Year.
Now get out in that shed, and start getting ready to go fast next year.

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