- L​ewis Hamilton is a 6-time world champion of the world. Image: LAT Images via Mercedes AMG F1 Media Site.

L​ewis Hamilton - 6 Times World Champion

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L​ewis Hamilton has won his sixth world championship in 12 years and become the second most successful driver in Formula One following today's United States Grand Prix.

L​ewis Hamilton started his career at McLaren in 2007 as a complete rookie that had impressed many high-up members of the Formula One paddock. After winning his first ever grand prix in Canada of the same year, Lewis went on to miss out on the 2007 world championship by 1 point to Ferrari driver Kimi Raikonnen.

H​amilton went on to win the championship the very next year in 2008 after a dramatic overtake on Timo Glock at the last corner of the final lap of the last race at Brazil. Hamilton made history and became the youngest person to ever win a championship.

T​he next 5 years were rather quiet for the McLaren driver as Brawn GP rise to the top and depart after a year. Sebastian Vettel then takes the crown off of Hamilton as the youngest world champion, then winning another 3 in a row in 2011, 2012 and 2013. But it was always Lewis Hamilton that won at least one race each season.

T​he dramatic switch to Mercedes in 2013 arrived and everybody doubted the Brit as he traded everything he knew to this new opportunity. Niki Lauda was the one that persuaded Lewis to move to Mercedes and the rest is history.

L​ewis Hamilton won the championship in his second season with Mercedes, and continued the most fierce of rivalries between his German teammate Nico Rosberg, who pinched the championship away from Hamilton in 2016 in a nail-biting Abu Dhabi GP.

H​amilton continues his dominance in 2017 and 2018 as Ferrari rejoin the battle of the constructors, and now we have reached today.

L​ewis has won 10 of the 18 races so far this season, with today being the head-to-head fight between himself and Valtteri Bottas. Lewis proved today that his hunger to win the race - whether he wins the championship or not - is still there, and that is exactly what we call world-champion-material.

Valtteri Bottas took the victory from Hamilton in a thrilling climax to a fascinating grand prix, but Lewis was able to finish in P2 to take the points he needs to win the championship before the end of the season. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on putting himself one step ahead of Fangio, and one step between Michael Schumacher. Congratulations to Valtteri Bottas for giving his all and winning the race, let's hope he can bring the fight next year. Finally, congratulations to Mercedes for domninating the field for the 6th consecutive year in terms of constructors championships and driver's championships.

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  • Let's hope there's a proper fight for the championship next year!

    10 days ago
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  • Eight more wins to equal Micheal, get in there Lewis!

    6 days ago