Lewis Hamilton Body Slams Mistico in Mexico

42w ago


Lewis Hamilton, who is going to win his fifth Drivers' Championship at Mexico this Sunday has been one of the biggest draws for Mercedes. He has given four Championship titles to the Silver Arrows straight in the row and will give fifth in the row this Sunday in Mexico

Hamilton has shown his skills on the track throughout his career and has given us many breathtaking and unforgettable moments. He is surely 'Golden Chicken' for the Silver Arrows who just bring titles and more titles back to back.

A few years back this Brit driver showed the world that he not only have skills to drive at insane speeds but if trained properly and given a chance, he could be one of the biggest stars in the world of Pro Wrestling too.

During 2015 Mexican Grand Prix Hamilton stepped in the squared circle against one of the best wrestlers not just in Mexico infact in the world, Mistico. MIstico is one the top stars in the Mexican Pro Wrestling Lucha Libre and has performed in WWE as well. Hamilton body slammed the pro wrestler in the best possible manner to get Victory in Pro Wrestling. Watch:

So the Formula One's biggest star's appearance in the ring and body slamming another wrestler in the best possible manner shows his talents. Uptill now we all just knew that this Brit has a talent to attain speeds on track which no one could attain but now we know that outside the track Hamilton can pin one of the top Pro Wrestler's in this field. What do you think, tell us in comments below.