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Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he was XNDA

He's also apparently been writing and recording his own music in secret for 10 years!

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Cast your minds back to 2018. Christina Aguilera has dropped a brand new album called Liberation. On that album is a song called Pipe, which featured a totally unknown artist called XNDA. A lot of questions were raised about who this man was, especially when in the writing credits for the song a certain multiple time Formula 1 world champion was credited! It was widely circulated that XNDA was indeed Hamilton and nobody really attempted to confirm or deny the rumours either. Well, now we know the answer to that riddle, as the F1 legend has finally come clean on it via a story post on his Instagram!

"I had this incredibly beautiful and talented person reach out to me a while back asking for me to be on her album," explained Hamilton. "I was so blown away and I jumped at the opportunity. I had two hours to write the short verse and record." Hamilton also explained that he had been working on his own music in secret for the last 10 years or so and he had planned to release it under the XNDA pseudonym: "The goal was to have the music come out under a different name so that you could hear the music first and later know it was me but it didn't work out the way I'd planned," he stated. "I shied away from acknowledging it was me, I don't know why, maybe Insecurities, fear, overthinking, something I think many people can relate to. Well I want to say that XNDA is me and I am so honoured and grateful to [Christina] for giving me a place to use my voice."

So, will there be a Lewis Hamilton album or mixtape coming soon? He is remaining somewhat tight-lipped on that. "I haven't got a project or album, just a bunch of different songs... At some stage I'm going to find a moment to share with you so bare with me."

If he does fully immerse himself into a music career, Hamilton would not be the first racing driver to do so. Former F1 drivers Jacques Villeneuve and Jaime Alguersuari have both found outlets in the music industry as a singer and an EDM producer and DJ respectively. Former motorcycle racer James Toseland is a Grade 6 standard pianist (he once performed a solo piano set at the British Sports Personality of the Year Awards in 2007) and became the frontman of his own rock band Toseland after his racing career came to a premature end in 2011.

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Comments (16)

  • Hopefully he has more of a future in music than Jacques Villeneuve had haha

      7 months ago
    • I think most people have more of a future in the music business than Jacques Villeneuve

        7 months ago
    • What? Do you not think that private paradise is the single greatest album that has ever been released or ever will be?

      To be clear, /s

        7 months ago
  • When I read the headline I thought XNDA was some new gender. i'm glad it is just music.

      7 months ago
  • I would prefer him to follow his musical inclinations and leave motorsport.

      7 months ago
    • If his music ends up being commercially successful I wouldn't be surprised if he takes a few years away from racing in F1 to ride the wave and see how it goes. He has explicitly said that he wants racing to only be one aspect that he's remembered...

      Read more
        7 months ago
  • Lewis can sing. Don’t mean like karaoke but really sing. Keeping up with Christina. Go Lewis! Needs ro do couple of solos.

      7 months ago
    • Well his own music will be all or almost all his vocals if the rumours are correct!

        7 months ago
    • Well good on him.

        6 months ago
  • I knew about ’Pipe’ and I’ve listened to it several times just to hear Lewis

      7 months ago