- L​ewis Hamilton was only able to manage 5th in qualifying as Bottas takes pole at the 2019 US GP. Image: LAT Images via Mercedes F1 Media Site.

L​ewis Hamilton - "It wasn't the car, it was me" after US GP Qualifying

A​ rather deflated Lewis Hamilton spoke to Sky Sports in an interview following a 5th place in qualifying for the 2019 US Grand Prix. The Brit is hoping to solidify his place in history as the driver with the second most world championships heading into the Grand Prix in Austin this afternoon.

I​t seemed as if nobody could improve their best laptime at the end of the third qualifying session; but it was Valtteri Bottas who took pole ahead of Sebastian Vettel by 0.012 seconds, followed by Verstappen and Leclerc.

L​ewis Hamilton aborted his final lap as he pulled into the pits in order to not compromise Valtteri Bottas. In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Hamilton was asked if it was the bumpy race track that ruined his final run, or if the car setup didn't work for him today.

L​ewis responded with "No, it was nothing to do with the car. It was just me, I just didn't pull the laps together today. And clearly the car had the capability to be on the front, and I just didn't do it today. So it was my fault, but I'll try and bring the fight tomorrow."

T​he Sky Sports interviewer then mentioned that today could be a special day for the Mercedes driver, and wanted to know how he would negotiate Turn 1, and whether or not he could rule out a victory in the race.

L​ewis replied "Honestly, I'm not trying to think about that right now. I'm just trying to digest what just happened and now try to move forward on tomorrow later on."

T​his is definitely going to be an interesting race. If Valtteri Bottas wins the race, Lewis Hamilton just needs to finish in P8 to win his 6th driver's world championship. It's going to be a fascinating battle between Bottas and Vettel on Lap 1, as well as having the two young drivers of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc on the front row.

M​ax and Charles have had their moments before in Austria and Great Britain when battling for positions, will we see a repeat of this tonight? Also, we have seen Lewis win from 5th place on the grid before, with Singapore 2017 being a good example of this. Hamilton does have a good record here, with only one year where he didn't finish on the podium - being 2013. I am really looking forward to lights out.

I​f you want to watch the US GP, lights will go out at 19:10 UK time on Sky Sports F1, or you can catch the highlights on Channel 4 F1 at 11pm. Stay tuned for my review of the US GP tonight.

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  • It'll be great to see what Albon and the McLaren boys can do with their softs on lap 1.

    11 days ago
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  • So this is what happens when you go on a diet of vegetables you get worse at driving.

    11 days ago


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