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Lewis Hamilton leaked his own music on an Instagram live

It's... actually pretty good?!?

40w ago

Lewis Hamilton has been teasing for quite some time now that he's got serious plans to venture into the world of music. That teasing ramped up to the maximum earlier this year when he officially confirmed that he was XNDA, the mysterious guest singer on "Pipe" by Christina Aguilera. Since then other clips of music featuring the 6-time Formula 1 World Champion have been thin on the ground, but that has all changed following a recent Instagram live by Hamilton where he played what sounded like finished or at least fairly finished versions of several of his own songs!

How much input Hamilton has had on these songs beyond writing and performing the vocals and lyrics is unknown, but it does line up with earlier statements he had made that his music was taking an RnB-style direction in the vein of Drake and The Weeknd. There's also a lot of vibes from 00s RnB artists such as Akon, Ne-Yo and Craig David, something I'm not surprised by as judging from Hamilton's age he very likely listened to that stuff when he was a teenager!

Since the music came out, there has been a lot of praise from fans and the F1 community, who were genuinely surprised at how good and solid Hamilton's music is! One particularly vocal supporter of Hamilton's musical endeavours was F1's Digital Presenter Will Buxton, who had this to say about the live stream:

Other Twitter users had a lot of positive things to say about Hamilton's suprise reveal of the music he's been working on:

Whilst a release date or schedule is still unknown for his musical endeavours, it's very reassuring and pretty awesome to know that Hamilton isn't going to end up being another Jacques Villeneuve or James Toseland and release music that's either not very good or, quite frankly, pretty generic. He seems to have a real knack for the musical direction he wants to go in and, who knows, maybe we'll all be vibing to Lewis Hamilton's music in 2021!

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