Lewis Hamilton on Indy 500: Should he run?

We all saw Lewis gawk at Sato's Indy 500 ring. We also know the things he said about IndyCar. Should he make time to make a run for his own?

It is no secret, Lewis Hamilton has had one of the greatest racing careers of all time. He has 61 victories, 71 pole starts, and 3 titles. The Mercedes Team seems to be extremely quick as of the recent years. They have become truly hard, if not impossible, to beat on a good day.

He is also no stranger to speaking his mind about other racing organizations. Back in May 2017, his F1 rival Fernando Alonso missed the Monaco Grand Prix to try for the Indy 500. This was in hopes for achieving the trifecta of iconic motor racing events with a win in the 24 Hours of Le Mans later in his career. This would be a great achievement to get, and only one driver in history has been able to do it (Graham Hill).

In response to observing Alonso's qualifying results, Hamilton said "Fernando, in his first qualifying, came fifth. Does that say something about (the level) of Indy Car? Great drivers, if they canโ€™t succeed in Formula One, look for titles in other races, but to see him come fifth against drivers who do this all year round isโ€ฆinteresting.โ€

Formula One and IndyCar are very different race types. The differences can go on for miles. Some major differences are the race strategies, car engineering, car responsiveness, and much more. To compare the two are like apples and oranges.

It didn't take long for other drivers to respond to these remarks:

So we see how his remarks have sparked fury, and now it seems he may be interested in racing for one of those rings himself. Formula One is a different kind of racing, and as of lately all it seems Hamilton has to do is show up and he finds himself at the front of the pack. This is completely different from IndyCar, as in the first 7 races they had seven different winners.

Do you think Hamilton should put his money where is mouth is, so to speak, and race for the Indy 500? It will be interesting seeing how this unfolds; if he decides to run, he will need to bring his A game. There are a lot of angry drivers out there gunning for him.

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