- The new limited ediiton MV Augusta F4 LH44 - Image from Top Gear

Lewis Hamilton Releases Limited Edition Motorbike!

1y ago


Everyone knows that Hamilton is pretty handy in an F1 car, but did you know that he was into his Motorbikes too? A quick scroll through his Instagram account shows he has a passion for vehicles of the two wheeled variety, as well as four!

Hamilton's bike will be sold for a staggering £53,900! - Image from Top Gear

The British driver has now teamed up with motorbike manufacturer MV Augusta to create this, the F4 LH44. This is the second collaboration between Hamilton and the company, who have previously created the Brutale Dragster RR Lewis Hamilton LH44. This new bike however, will be limited to 44 units and will be priced at £53,900.

The MV Augusta bike will produce 212BHP - Image from Top Gear

The bike will produce 212BHP, and will be finished in the same pearl red colour as Hamilton's private jet. The bike will also be based on a pearl white chassis and will have matte black accents, along with a LH44 logo stamped on the side.

Source: Top Gear