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Lewis Hamilton Speaks On Working Class Getting Into Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton Talks About Wealthy Families Getting The Head Start In Racing

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Lewis Hamilton was speaking on the Graham Norton Show earlier this week, Hamilton said the prospects for drivers who do not come from wealthy backgrounds has “got a lot worse” in the years since he came into the sport. Which we all know Hamilton's father worked a few jobs to get him to where he is.

“My dad spent something like £20,000 and remortgaged the house several times in the first years,” said Hamilton. “But today it’s just got so expensive.

“There are very few, if [any] working-class families on their way up. It’s all wealthy families.”

I’ve got a friend of mine who was nearly in Formula 1 and then he got leapfrogged by a wealthy kid and then his opportunity was gone,” Hamilton added. “So I do want to somehow get it back to basics.”

Hamilton’s family funded his karting career until he gained the backing of former McLaren boss Ron Dennis.

“There were times along the way when I’d come home from school and I’m like ‘I’m ready to go’ and [dad would] be like ‘sorry, we don’t have the money this weekend but hopefully by next race we’ll have the money to keep us going’. So my dad’s the real hero, I’m just the one that’s in the spotlight.

“If my dad hadn’t done the work he did and if I didn’t get signed when I was 13 by Ron Dennis then I wouldn’t be sitting in front of you today, I’d be doing something different.”

Formula 1 needs to encourage more talents from less wealthy backgrounds as other sports do, said Hamilton.

“I do want to get involved in working with the FIA, which is the governing body, and Formula 1, because they can do more to give back, I’d say. And also it doesn’t need to be as expensive as that. I want to get it opened up because you look at football, at tennis, there’s grass roots.”

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  • People who choose no I got a special message for you:

    Go F..... yourself 🖕🏽

      8 months ago
    • As someone who voted no, I can tell you I have no such intention.

      The question is "Should F1 drivers be made to re-invest in kids?" not "Should F1 drivers re-invest in kids?" If an F1 driver like Hamilton wants to invest in bringing a...

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        8 months ago
    • Indeed. Not to mention that probably only half at best of the current grid is actually paid to be in F1. The other half are paying either themselves or through sponsorship to be there. In the wider motorsport world there are probably barely...

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        8 months ago
  • Hopefully in the near future when the FIA further limits the teams spending budget we will see teams not so concerned about looking for drivers with deep pockets.

      8 months ago
  • F1 to me has always been a rich person's sport. Nice to see LH appreciate his dad's efforts. Good for the next gen kids and parent's to hear and see.

      8 months ago
  • And on that bombshell...

    Back to the studio...

      8 months ago