Lewis Hamilton tests (and crashes) a Superbike

At least he's found where the limit is, fair play to the guy.

2y ago

It turns out that Lewis Hamilton enjoys riding motorbikes more than driving F1 cars, he admitted in an interview this week after a test at Jerez with the Yamaha Superbike squad.

Hamilton put in some seriously impressive times for a relative rookie of the sport. There are rumours of a 1:45 lap, which is only eight seconds off the ultimate MotoGP lap record of Cal Crutchlow!

Lewis on the black Yamaha R1 being chased by Alex Lowes

Lewis on the black Yamaha R1 being chased by Alex Lowes

In an Instagram post, the reigning F1 champ was clearly thrilled to be on a motorcycle.

"Good morning! Woke up feeling great today, miss riding the superbike already. FYI, I've always loved two wheels more than four. Always wanted a motorbike since I was a kid, however am super grateful my dad got me a kart. But current new love is out on track on my bike.

"I have the highest regard and respect for those motorbike riders. It's a much different discipline, however, and requires some of the same basics such as time, patience, fearlessness, focus, agility and risk taking. All of which make a sport exciting."

"And yes, I'd love to race bikes. But these guys are on another level so I think I'll just enjoy riding and testing the limits on track"

Hamilton was joined by his F1 boss who was taking telemetry details, which is astounding considering the risk to the champion.

Previous F1 drivers were forbidden from riding motorcycles, as well as skiing and other potentially risky endeavours, which were written into their contracts.

Lewis had a small spill during his testing session, and was able to get back on the bike and return to the pits unscathed.

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  • Why not just for fun, He knows that he would never be competitive at MGP level, Just as it was fun for Rossi to try a F1 car a few years ago,

      2 years ago