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Lewis Hamilton wants to damage some Glaciers and the Amazonian Rainforest

Extreme E is a new EV championship. Races will take places in locations where the climate change problem is obvious to raise people awareness...

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And Lewis Hamilton is creating his own team to race next year. I don't dislike Lewis Hamilton, I'm a big F1 fan and I can just respect him. He does nothing wrong, he is just the best.

But with this new EV championship I'm not sure I don't dislike him. I have two problems with that :

1) He claims this is for the planet

Bringing people and equipment at the location, creating the track and making it safe, bringing spectators... Doing that on a glacier seems stupid. It's a lot of work, a lot of energy to spend and a lot of global warming we don't need. A lot of thing the weak glaciers or the weak forest don't need. They all are dying. And for sure it will be even worse after the races.

And it will not raise people awareness. There's already tons of videos and articles about global warming. People know, even those who don't care. It's everywhere and all the time that some people want to raise our awareness.

2) The locations of the races

I don't know a lot about this new championship. But when I saw the locations and especialy the word glacier it shocked me a bit. I grew up in the french Alps so it may matter a bit more to me than to most people. But glaciers are fragiles and we should stay far from them.

But Lewis is going to damage them, claim he is saving them, and make money on them. How could it be worse than racing 4x4s on a glacier while claiming to save the planet???

I give you the link for the article about Extreme E and Hamilton's team : drivetribe.com/p/lewis-hamilton-joins-the-electric-KhHgHrlVT1O7Hgs1lLRVMg?commentId=UtZ5N_-QQ1-zXP6MLKWk9g&iid=cpa-QloxQM2yEgiH1A2WXg&replyId=T3oqx4HuQfWn1PsDcaL7zQ#UtZ5N_-QQ1-zXP6MLKWk9g

I would realy like to have some point of view about that. And feel free to correct my bad english.

Thank you for reading.

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