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Lewis Hamilton was spotted driving his one-off Pagani Zonda

The 7-time Formula 1 World Champion was out and about in Monaco during the F1 summer break

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If you go on a trip to Monaco, it's pretty likely that you're going to find some amazing cars at some point. Some cars, however, are just that bit more special than others. Finding those ultra-special Monaco cars can become a really awesome moment and be a real high point of your trip to the tiny Mediterranean principality. That's exactly what happened to Danish brothers Mikkel and Christopher Gram (@gramssupercars), who not only managed to stumble upon 7-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton's one-off Pagani Zonda but also managed to film a clip of Sir Lewis himself driving it!

The current championship leader, who is a resident of Monaco much like many of his fellow Formula 1 drivers, was out and about during the start of this year's F1 summer break. Clearly it must have been a more special occasion than usual if he'd decided to take out his near-priceless one-off Pagani! Officially christened the 760LH, it has a number of bespoke features including a 6-speed manual transmission, something which usually wasn't offered on the Zonda. It also has an absolutely gorgeous purple paint job and a lot of purple detailing on the exterior, as well as some incredible-looking bits of carbon fibre. It also sounds absolutely incredible, although that's par for the course for a car with a huge naturally-aspirated V12!

Whilst the 760LH is one of the coolest-looking and most awesome-sounding cars in Lewis Hamilton's multi-million dollar collection, according to the man himself it's not one of his favourites. In an interview with The Sunday Times a couple of years ago, he had this to say about it: "The Zonda is terrible to drive! It’s the best-sounding car I own, but handling-wise it’s the worst." He also said that the reason he asked for a manual transmission was because he hated the automated manual the Zonda normally came with back then. "The tiptronic Pagani offered was worse than the Smart Roadster I had. I’m used to quick gearshifts, so I’m more critical than most customers. If you asked me to design my own supercar I’d have it manual."

Hamilton's collection of cars is estimated to have as many as up to 15 and much of it is split between his main residence in Monaco and his other main home in Los Angeles. 8 of his cars are ones he considers to be "special". These special cars include the Zonda, two original Shelby Cobras (one of which was personally vetted by Caroll Shelby himself before he died), a Ferrari 599 SA Aperta, two Ferrari LaFerraris (a coupe and an Aperta), a Mclaren F1 (chassis #044) and a McLaren P1. He'll also be receiving one of the first examples of the Mercedes AMG One (which he helped develop) once the car reaches production.

All these special cars are a world away from his first car ever, a second-hand Mini Cooper that he got after passing his driving test! It's safe to say that, at least when it comes to what cars he has in his garage, Sir Lewis has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Stevenage.

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