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Lewis Hamilton Won't Return To F1 Unless

Hamilton's Future In F1

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It has been almost a month since last year's title decider race in Abu Dhabi, and Lewis Hamilton's future in F1 is still uncertain. Hamilton lost his 8th F1 title on the last lap at Yas Marina following a controversial decision taken by the race director, Michael Masi. Lewis Hamilton refused to comment on the result and was aiming along with Mercedes to submit an appeal to the FIA. However, they later decided to drop their request.

As the 2022 F1 preseason testing approaches, more news and updates are surfacing regarding Lewis' future. According to a source at the BBC, Hamilton has one main condition to decide whether he returns or walks away from F1 for good. According to the source, Lewis Hamilton is waiting on the FIA's inquiry decision, in order to decide his future.

The FIA launched an investigation about what happened at Yas Marina following the controversial decisions made by Masi. Which pushed Hamilton & Mercedes to lose faith in the governing body of the sport. However, it's not looking good for Hamilton. As the FIA will never turn back a decision made by their representatives in Motorsports. In addition, Masi & F1 justified the last lap decision based on agreeing to finish the race as a race. Moreover, the rule book gives the race director more authority to decide how a race can resume. Not to forget that the FIA president is not happy with Lewis after the latter missed the FIA prize gala on purpose.

Does this mean that Lewis Hamilton is going to retire before the beginning of the 2022 F1 season? In addition, who should Mercedes sign in case Hamilton quits? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss.

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Comments (2)

  • I sincerely hope that the FIA investigation finds that, whilst unusual, unconventional and quite probably unprecedented, Masi acted within his rights and proper responsibilities and gave the fans a racing end to a race. If Hammy cannot handle the fact that he lost (by whatever means) then he should indeed retire and go elsewhere - if you are not prepared to lose, don't compete

      12 days ago
  • Lewis is a spoiled be och

      8 days ago