Lexus LC-F. Are they really going to KILL the LFA?

42w ago


Even if that means to surpass its best creation by giving steroids to their latest Grand Tourer car. But, take it easy, is not real yet.

I remember when in Forza Motorsport 4, Jeremy Clarkson said something about the LFA

"It Isn’t a Lexus at all, what this is, is Toyota showing exactly what they’re capable of, and it turns out that they’re capable of, is quite a lot"

It wasn’t a joke; In the whole life, someone didn't imagine that Lexus would build A SUPERCAR, with a proper Formula 1 sound, and a silhouette that could only compare with my platonic love of the university.

Even if there is a lot of cars with higher performance at same or lower price, the LFA is so charming, it’s exquisite and it would certainly be worth it to pay a half million dollars for it. After all, if there are still units FOR SALE.

A couple of years ago, Lexus brought to life the LF-LC Concept, which became later, into the LC500; It’s considered the spiritual successor of LFA by its Grand Tourer character; although it inherits certain things from its supercar, it is a rank below... As long as there's no F version, which could happen soon, and that, will be a serious gambling.

Let's start from the beginning: The LC500 is a Grand Tourer in all the ways, it’s big, comfortable (or that’s why I saw, I can't even dream with buying one... yet), ready for long distance trips, and not exactly something with which I would take to a drag race against a Ferrari 488 GTB. To ensure the jump to an F model, they would have to do more than give it a Twin Turbo V8 as the rumors says.

They’re talking about a 600 horsepower engine for the LC-F. It could be an open threat to the legendary LFA with 50 extra horses over the supercar, but the LFA had 1,614 kilograms of kerb weight against the LC500's 1,940 kilograms in its "normal" version (the Hybrid surpasses a little bit the 2-ton barrier), and that means… Yeah, it would have to lose weight. Will it be a difficult task? No way; they only need to apply their racing experience, being able to start from the GT500 (Major Japanese Touring Car class) version of it, which doesn’t exceed the 1,050 kilograms.

What do you have by adding both factors? Duh! The perfect mix for KILLING THE LFA AT HOME. 600 Horses of a V8 Biturbo and a crazy weight reduction simply would upgrade the LC from pretty Gran Tourer to a goddamned Supercar. Would it make sense to trash the LFA’s legacy by building something that takes it’s crap out? They wouldn't be the first, just remember Hellcat vs. Viper in the United States, but the result could seriously like us, and a lot.

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