Lexus lfa

once upon a time, the supercars. and then came the lfa

The Lexus LFA took forever to be ready. Lexus started toying around the idea of building their first ever high performance sportscar in the early 2000s, they codenamed the project P280 and set about working. In theory, the car would have been ready after 5 years but just before they were due to put it into production, the engineers decided to change the body and make it from carbon fibre and so they told Lexus, with a straight face presumably, that they were going to need some extra cash. A lot of cash. Only 500 were made and despite a sale price of around $375,000, Lexus always maintained that they lost money on every single car that left the factory.

The mighty Lexus is rough, raw and beautiful. And despite the long gestation, it’s not especially sophisticated. There’s a single clutch gearbox, so that gear changes feel more natural and crude, it has a 4,8 L V10 which develops 560 HP. The top speed is 326 kph (203 mph) and 0-100 takes 3,7 seconds. In the world of high performance sportscars and supercars, this was a true GAME CHANGER. Lexus decided to go to battle in a field they weren't exactly familiar with, and won.

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