Lexus LFA Loses Control In Singapore!

9 days ago


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Lexus LFA crash in Singapore! - Image from Avery Wong

By Phil Bradley

Police investigations are ongoing in Singapore after a driver lost control of his Lexus LFA model. The incident happened on Sunday evening, when the car somehow lost control and came to rest after hitting a lamp post outside a local church.

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Not a good ending for this LFA! - Video from Avery Wong

Local person, Avery Wong, managed to catch the incident on video. He told the press that he notcied the LFA coming in his mirrors and started filming. The driver tried to floor the gas as he went passed the car, but lost control and crashed into the lamp post. Thankfully, the car didn't hit the bus and both the driver and passenger of the LFA escaped unharmed.

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The same couldn't be said for the 1 of 500 LFA models. The rear quarter of the car looked to be severely damaged, with parts of the panel completely ripped off from the car. The front bumper had also been dislodged.

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