Lexus made a wine-lovers dream car

22w ago


First of all, this is a SEMA one-off build, one that most likely won't ever be sold let alone entered into production. So let's take the following with an appropriate pinch of salt.

Do you happen to love both wine and cars, but don't really know how to combine the two passions in a way that won't immediately land you in jail or worse? Well worry not Lexus has the answer, a modified ES 350 sedan with a host of modifications for the wine lovers amongst us.

From the outside the modifications are subtle and appropriately elegant- an Artisan Spirit Body-kit and 20" RAYS Avventura Stratagia wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires. The car sports a custom one of dark red paintwork looking like a nice bottle of Merlot. Like a bottle of Merlot however, it's more about what's inside rather than the outside, more specifically the trunk!

As you can see Lexus modified it a little, it's centrepiece is the temperature controlled wine cooler with space for 6 bottles, and the compartment holding 4 wine glasses next, to it. On the left side of the trunk, you can find controls for the wine cooler and a cut out for yet another bottle of your favourite fermented grapes. The whole thing is finished in oak wood flooring with oak barrel accents to enhance the feel when you finally... and well here we run into a bit of an issue.

I mean what is the point? It's not like you will take a leisurely drive to your local country park, and have a glass of your favourite wine while taking in the sunset, and drive back, well at least hopefully you won't. And if you won't drive back and stay overnight at some sort of hotel or accommodation, why bother with the trunk? So does only the passenger get to drink? That would be a little silly!

Then again it's SEMA and strangely enough, this DUI waiting to happen is probably one of the least silly things out there.