- New LFA?

Lexus might revive the LFA in 2025.

But with a V8 and electric motors.

4d ago

The Lexus LFA is considered to some as one of the best sounding V10 cars of all time. Some might even consider it the best sounding production car of all time. Lexus might revive it in 2025,but with a V8 and electric motors.

It's rumored that this power plant might produce somewhere between 800 hp and 950hp, which is a massive power increase compared to the 552hp that the original LFA produced.

Some traces of the original LFA can be seen, specifically the air intake behind the side window. The concept features are more aggressive body compared to the original LFA.

As we all know,many times when car companies revive their legendary cars, people don't really appreciate them that much. Look at cars like the MK5 Supra,the Acura NSX,the New Countach (this one is abit debatable)and most recently,the Acura Integra. So let's see if this "new" LFA will come to life,or will remain another concept car.

What do you think?

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Comments (3)

  • Look quite similar to a Lamborghini to me

      3 days ago
  • Yes, but it should be not too expensive like the previous one or else this LFA will also fail

      4 days ago