Lexus Trademarks TX name for America

Could be their next 3-row SUV

33w ago

Toyota has recently trademarked the TX 350 and TX 500h nameplates in North America. For obvious reasons, these belong to Lexus.

The Lexus Enthusiast forum believes these are the three-row SUVs that dealers have been demanding for many years. This is base on a statement from Lexus USA dealer council chairman Carl Sewell III, who said this late last year:

"I think every dealer would raise their hand for that product, certainly. One of the big things we’ve been working on over the last two years on council is our premium luxury utility vehicle lineup for the future. Right now, we’ve got a really strong sub-$50,000 lineup. But when we look above that, we’ve got some great product today, but what do those products look like for the future?"

Although Lexus has three-row SUVs, none of them are really fit into the midsized three-row segment (Volvo XC90, eg). The LX and GX are body-on-frame off-roaders, while the RX L is rather half-baked, an RX with some seats in the trunk and odd proportions. This new TX model will fit the bill perfectly.

(Source: Autoevolution)

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