Lexus Wants to Convince You That They Care About "Driving Fun"

Lexus are planning a fleet of performance hybrids to change its business model.

2y ago

Ever since the biggining of Lexus, it's been known to be a dull company producing boring cars that are driven by old men in thier 60s. Executives are aware that this business model is more harmful than helpful for the Japanese Automaker, and that the whole way people see Lexus should change. Where they have earned the reputation of being very well made, they may have failed to appeal consumers of ages below 60 in multiple occasions, and the manufacturer is deeply concerned.

Back in 2010 Lexus took a huge leap forward after the introduction of the LFA. It was a breakthrough, and although it hasn't been a very profitable product, it has helped to significantly change the brand image going through 2010 to 2012. However, Lexus hasn't got a car in its current lineup that is particularly interesting or really fun to drive, including both the RC F and the LC500 that have received a lot of criticism over the years, and that hasn't done any good regarding the attraction consumers ever since the end of the LFA's production.

Lexus knows where its problems are, and they know the key to make the brand better known for outstanding performance machines that would impress critics and attract new buyers. Mainly the company is planning on expanding the performance car lineup with of course nothing but hybrids. Chief engineer of the Lexus UX, Chika Kako said, "I think everybody's preconception of the hybrid with Lexus has always been about fuel efficiency, but as we move forward we would like to add more value to that and have more focus and emphasis on the sportiness and dynamics that the hybrid technology can offer,"

"We want to have the performance and sporty advantages that the hybrid technology can offer. Of course, we cannot talk about what's next. But that's something we want. Having the hybrid motor and how you tune it can really change the level of dynamics in the car itself. We're really studying right now what is the optimum way to do that.”Cika Kako has mentioned that cars like the LC500h will play a big role the company's future.

If the Lexus LFA was a step forward, then hey not built a descendant of it? Perhaps that can be a solution and will definitely help emphasize the fun side of Lexus and there are many other ways Lexus can do so but the company is funded by profits and not donations, so they also have to think of the sales figures and the profit they are making. Hence why a successor to the LFA is unlikely.

Practically, it's expected that Lexus will be introducing a hotter version of the LC500, and with thier thoughts clearly stated, expect it to be a hybrid. They can also be planning on Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid beater, or a hybrid replacement for the hated Lexus RC F. They can also use the promising Lexus UX and spice it up a to go head to head with the new Audi SQ2.

Will that do the trick is, or is it a reputation that will never change?

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Comments (7)

  • they do care. They made the LFA. That's proof enough

      2 years ago
    • Of course they care but their current line-up needs a car like that LFA

        2 years ago
    • the LFA was a nightmare to make. it cost them a fortune and they kept working on it for 9 years. I'm sure they've been thinking about a replacement, or some sort of sequel, for it for a while now. But you know the drill, it's all about cost-benefit

        2 years ago
  • They're a terrific, perfectionist brand. I like them. And since they made the LC 500, I love them.

      2 years ago