Lexus will never make another LFA but they got close* with the IS500 F

*in spirit. Long live the V8, by the way

I'm 100% convinced that Lexus had no idea the LFA would become what it was and create such a buzz. They took their sweet time to make it, and it was great, but it somehow managed to capture the hearts of car lovers around the world - chiefly because of the V10 sound, I presume - and they never even tried to match it ever since. They did, however, build a few interesting follow-ups, including the LC500, which is a good-looking car in my opinion, and the IS500 F, which comes with a V8.

Lexus, pioneers of hybrids, have decided to give this high-performance saloon a naturally aspirated V8, producing 472 hp, good enough for a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds. The best thing about this car is that I don't think they were looking to challenge or rival anyone with this, it feels like they built it to have some fun.

The 'F' moniker implies sportiness and they've given the car some sports credibility by adding Adaptive Variable Suspension and a Torsen limited-slip diff as well as shock absorbers developed in partnership with Yamaha. And it's sitting on lightweight Enkei wheels.

At some point in the future, hopefully not too soon, the last car with a V8 under the bonnet will roll off the assembly line somewhere in the world and then that'll be it. It'll be six or four-cylinder engines and of course electric power only from thereon out. We're all hoping that day never comes but it's beyond our control so I guess the only thing we can do for now is enjoy these cars while stock lasts.

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Comments (9)

  • I love the concept of a high performance V8 in a midsize saloon car. E46 M3, C55 and 63 AMG, B7/B8 RS4... Bring it on, as long as it's still allowed.

      1 month ago
  • That's not even close to LFA but a high performance IS is still good enough

      1 month ago
  • Hardly 'high performance' is it? Imagine taking a Model 3 and fitting an ICE to it. Slower, noisier, thirstier and with residuals that'll make you weep. Toyota really is messing their copy-book by churning out this kind of out dated stuff. I gather they have now actually conceded and brought out at least one all electric vehicle, but for a business that led the way with the Prius hybrid, you'd have thought that the cost savings of making an EV range would have taken root by now. I'm constantly accused of being a Tesla fan-boy (which is rather nice when you're in your sixties), so let us ignore Teslas and simply look at all those other brands out there. 4.5 seconds to 60mph is positively glacial these days, as is 472bhp a low power output. As an ICE statistic it's not bad at all, but even family shopping cars are able to compete with that now. I also know there are still starry eyed young people who are suspicious of EVs, think they take 24hours to charge up and burst into flames as soon as look at you, who instead still think this contraption is the bee's knees. Anyone following the EV revolution of course knows that this is all so out of date and utter bollox as to show no more that wilful ignorance on the part of it's proponents. To sum up, this would have been a brilliant car six or seven years ago, but now it's just a bit 'meh', old hat, irrelevant and slightly foolish.

      1 month ago
    • If life was a numbers game, the best people would have failed, if you get your kicks from 0-60, that’s great, but if you like the V8 snarl, a Tesla isn’t going to cut it.

        1 month ago
    • Everything is a numbers game, that's just physics. Then again, any mathematician will tell you there are more numbers between each integer than there are integers, yet integers are infinite. Eight little tubes making popping noises...

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        1 month ago