Liberty Walk Debuts Widebody Ford Mustang

Liberty Walk shows us what the Widebody Ford Mustang will look like ahead of its J-Nation reveal next month.

3y ago

No Car Wide Enough

It seems that there is no car safe from the wrath of Liberty Walk - and we're glad! No matter how big or muscular your car may be, they will take it up a level or ten. The Japanese tuner recently announced that it was working on a wide body kit for the popular Ford Mustang. After seeing some of the "work-in-progress" shots, we were quite intrigued.

We did not expect to see the finished masterpiece until its public debut at the J-Nation tuning fest taking place at Okuibuki Motor Park in Japan on October 9th. However, Wataru Kato's team just released some official photos of the Ford Mustang wide body unwrapped and it's looking quite mean!

Full Body Conversion

Unlike some of their other models (like the Honda NSX), the Liberty Walk Mustang has received the whole treatment. This includes getting bolt-on fenders, modified grille, bumpers, side skirts, a front splitter, a "duck tail" spoiler, a rear diffuser and customized hood. Specific decals have been applied to the body of the car, along with some black wheels, and air suspension sold as an option for an additional $7,900. The deep-dish custom wheels are sitting on spacers in order to fill the massive wheel arches from the conversion.

For complete wide body look, you can expect to pay up another $6,800. If you aren't fond of the widebody flares, but want to incorporate the aerodynamic components, Liberty Walk offers the splitter, side skirts, spoiler and rear diffuser for a price of $4,960. Remember to price in the cost of painting these parts and installing them onto your car as well.

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  • I like the wide body, tires are pretty unique. I will say American muscle and Japanese turners did a really good job with this best of both worlds concept on wheels. Excellent job as always, great pics and showing the entire view. Sure leaves us wanting more.

      3 years ago
  • Clearly they like rice in Japan!

      3 years ago
  • They must not have potholes in Japan.

      3 years ago
  • 😬 Not sure about that...

      3 years ago