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Liberty Walk Is Making A "Silhouette GT EVO" Kit For The Lamborghini Aventador

For those who want an "ultimate" Aventador but also love that GTE life, here's the widebody kit for you

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Most of us aren't exactly fond of the riveted overfender style that Liberty Walk employs for their bodykits, so it's a bit of a surprise and change of pace to see the LBWorks Silhouette GT line that features cleaner installations and boxier pumps, emphasizing the GT racing aesthetic that informs these kits.

Starting with dress-up kits for the 458 Italia and continuing with the Nissan R35 GT-R and the Lamborghini Huracan, I found the LBWK Silhouette line to be more palatable than the usual LB style, but being the utter crack head that I often am, I wanted more. I want more gore, more insanity, and more cylinders. And so far, only Lamborghini makes a mid-engine V12 for relative plebs, so the madlads make the kit that's just for me.

You could fit a toddler down the side of that!

You could fit a toddler down the side of that!

Built with the base Aventador and Aventador S in mind, the "LB★Silhouette WORKS Aventador GT EVO" is basically what you get when some chumps were given a brief to GT1-fy the modern but venerable V12 follow-up to the Murcielago without ever changing anything internally. Instead, all the focus was set on the outside, with panels from front to back to make the Aventador meaner than it already is. I mean just look at how much bigger that side intake is!

It follows quite well with the Huracan GT, but with a style that fits the bigger car more. The front, for one, feels a fair bit simpler with the cutouts at the wing/bumper, but the bonnet gets a new dual-lobe extractor that takes after the Huracan Super Trofeo and vented cutouts at the fenders. Down the side are endplates and side skirts that stretch out of the floor and rise to meet the fenders at a cut, while the rear vent is a mess of oblique lines broken up only by the curved overfender.

The real star of the show, however, is at the back. Besides the stabilizer fin, the rear wing rises from the rudder-like endplates integrated onto the fenders, which also feature a vent for the rear brakes. And the diffuser...ho, ho, the diffuser on this thing. I'm not sure if it's any more effective than an actual race car's, but it certainly has impact. One powertrain mod that exists is the new exhaust that the listing says must be ordered with the kit, so I reckon it'd at least sound better than it looks.

Depending on the materials that kit will be using, pricing starts at US$94,600 and goes up to US$187,000, and that's on top of the donor Aventador or Aventador S, which costs $418,000 new. I know, I know. But given that I rather like this look and prefer it over the usual, I say it's worth the shot if I had that much money to blow. This kit is basically the Sinanju Stein of dress-up Lambos.

This is what the Aventador GT EVO kit reminds me of.

This is what the Aventador GT EVO kit reminds me of.

Who cares at this point, though? Only crappy Char Aznable clones will want the Sinanju Stein. Or that Lambo, for that matter.

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  • It’s meant to be an Italian super car, not a Jdm yobmobile

      1 month ago
  • It's a bit too much for me

      1 month ago
  • Those Japanese are really good at milking the daft for every penny. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1 month ago