Liberty Walk's Aventador would make a Huayra BC run for its mummy

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Liberty Walk is probably one of the best-known supercar body kit creators. This is partly because stars such as Justin Bieber have owned the wide beasts, but mostly because the designs the Japanese tuning outfit comes up with simply boggle the mind.

If you thought previous Liberty Walk creations were out of this world, you probably haven’t seen its latest build, a totally revised Aventador. Coupled with an impressive paint scheme, the extended wheel arches and massive rear wing makes the car look more like a five-year-old’s Need For Speed creation than a real-world car.

Alongside the more eye-catching mods are a few, slightly more subtle changes. For example, the rear wheels have gained a whole load of camber just to make an already wide supercar even wider. The front end has been touched up with a discreet splitter and canard setup, or it would be discreet, if it wasn't lined with contrasting paint.

For some reason, the rear end isn’t blessed with a diffuser large enough to swallow the sun. However, I think the rear wing more than makes up for that as it’s almost large enough to eclipse the sun.

As ever, Liberty Walk has given this exotic supercar an essence of the West Coast lowrider vibe with a fully adjustable air suspension kit.

Unfortunately, the whole widebody shebang doesn’t come cheap. In fact, those that have already spent upwards of a quarter of a million dollars on a Lamborghini Aventador will be looking at another $50,650 to get this kit installed. That ludicrous price doesn’t even include the air suspension which pushes the total price above $60,000 costing $9,500.

Even after adding the price of a new mid-engine C8 Corvette to the value of your Lamborghini, it won’t be any faster as Liberty Walk won’t even lift the engine cover. With so much more drag on the car, it will even be slower. Finally, don’t expect to get the car fixed for free by Lamborghini when something goes wrong as drilling holes in the side of it is sure to void the warranty.

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  • Liberty Wank more like.

    8 days ago
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  • LB should be limited to sports cars and lower tier cars like Mustangs and M3’s. Ferraris and Lamborghinis should be wide and low enough from factory. I recently saw an Aventador and honestly i never once thought “ this thing should be even wider or lower”

    8 days ago
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