- Rod Maralit on his gorgeous '84 R65 LS Café-Bobber in Newport's Back Bay: Photos and Story: Royce Rumsey

Life Lessons Learned

46w ago


As a young boy, Rod Maralit’s father taught him how to weld and encouraged him and his brothers to explore a wide variety of interests. And living in Southern California those interests logically included a variety of motorsports hobbies.

Graduating with a degree in kinesiology, Rod had considerable learning as to the human body in motion. The best confluence of motorsports and human kinesiology arguably resides in motorcycling…and most especially sport bike riding—where the human body melds with the machine to affect dynamics of motion that’s visual poetry.

A year ago Rod’s lessons in welding and kinesiology found confluence in a staring a build of his departed uncle’s 1984 BMW R65LS. Having instructed college gymnastics, Rod had a keen appreciation for balance and grace. Combining all of his life lessons resulted in a build of an exquisite café-bobber execution of the R65.

Rod’s R65 is a study in elegant minimalism and refined details…in a purposeful “old school” motif. The “Nardo”-esque grey (tank, headlight bezel) and black frame are combined with thoughtful café details like a minimalist speedo, bar-ends, and LED brake light (masterfully integrated into the minimal seat frame).

The only non-functional detail is the delightful, dancing hula doll statuette—as a an homage to Rod’s family Pacific Islands heritage.

The ’84 Motorrad was spotted on the recent Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride and it was a standout of that august gathering. With such, a photoshoot in nearby Newport Beach’s Back Bay was arranged for an early Sunday morning—resulting in the imagery seen here.

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