It’s been another amazing year for the automotive industry, with giant leaps made in design, tech and performance but the real winners are us the drivers and even the passengers. Here is my list of what life lessons the motoring industry has taught me in 2018 - feel free to add your own.

Alfa Romeo showed me that SUV’s can offer me timeless Italian style and that life should have balance

Audi showed me that the past shapes your future

BMW taught me how to say Mmmm when in the snow (and on the track) and how to talk to my vehicle

Ferrari taught me to challenge everything and how important family is

Fiat taught me how to breathe in the open air

Ford showed me how to perform on all terrains

Holden taught me how to relax on an Island and how to arrive in style

Honda let me know that it’s good to join a club

Hyundai taught me not to stress about where to sit

Jaguar showed me that less is more

Lexus showed me how important sport is and how to sip not gulp my drinks

Maserati taught me that sound is a sense NEVER to be underestimated

Mazda showed me that being safe can still be fun and that luxury is within our grasp

Mercedes-AMG showed me class and performance go hand in hand

Mini showed me how to control my life

Porsche showed me how to spice up my life

Renault underlined that ‘good things come in small packages’

Ram let me not sweat the small things

Range Rover showed me how to be a diamond geezer

Rolls-Royce took me on a magic carpet ride on and off road

Skoda showed me that life can be rapid

Suzuki showed me now to underestimate size

Toyota showed me how to handle life’s curveballs

Volkswagen showed me how to spend time with the family, that power is always in style and that Polo is a new game.

Volvo showed me that someone always has my back

Happy Xmas and New Year to you all. See you in 2019!

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