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Juliet McGuire of @Women_on_Wheels gave a great summary in regard to the connection between your car and your lifestyle.

There are various lifestyle factors to consider like: Do you have kids? Do you just need space for a few shopping bags? One that is very important to me: Do you lead an active lifestyle and therefore need space for your equipment?

If you are an #oudoor_adventurer, then a two wheel drive sedan might not be the best option for you!

As previously mentioned, I need to transport a lot of camping equipment, which means I need storage capacity. A #pickup is therefore one of the best choices.

@hellojoburg (2017) gives a great example: "You may enjoy the rumble of a V8, but if you mainly drive in urban areas that lovely noise is going to empty your pocket".

So...does my car fit my lifestyle? Can I afford a prestige vehicle? Do I really need an 4WD? Should I modify my car to suit my needs?

There is a lot of factors you need to consider when buying a new car, one of these factors is your lifestyle needs!

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