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Light Grey Recycled Cointop MotoLock Discount 100 Tile Pack

Light Grey Recycled Cointop 495 x 495 x 7mm Interlocking Floor Tiles

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Looking to kick things up a notch with your flooring. Equip your flooring space with these essentials to make your space unique and more of a productive area. These Light Grey Recycled Cointop - Motolock Interlocking Tile are a perfect solution for Garages, Workshops, Warehouses, Gyms, Factories, Commercial and Temporary Spaces making your flooring space stand out.

These Light Grey Recycled Cointop - Motolock Interlocking Tile can be laid quickly and easily on any reasonably smooth and level concrete base creating ready-for-use, dust-free, anti-skid surfaces and can be easily cleaned with a brush and sponge floor mop. The tiles simply snap together. No nails or glue are required, which means your floor can be easily transferred or reused again. Give your flooring a fresh and modern feel.

About MotoLock:

MotoLock tiles can withstand heavy traffic and are resistant to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids - including oils, solvents, acids etc. MotoLock tiles are designed to take high compression loads, like those found in materials movements operations in workshops, warehouses and distribution centres while the neat finish and smooth fit makes the tiles suitable for retail spaces, playrooms, gyms, garages, utility rooms, exhibition stands and more. Large space applications include exhibitions, railway stations, airports, passenger terminals, power plants, hangars and fire stations.

The MotoLock Recycled tiles are made from recycled PVC material, but look nearly like new PVC tiles. They are available at a lower price than the new PVC material tiles. The MotoLock Recycled design, fit and performance are the same as the standard MotoLock tile and they interlock with the new PVC MotoLock colour tiles / ramps for adding coloured edges or making floor patterns.


MotoLock Recycled tile colours can be mixed and matched to make up your own. Mix and match tiles to create your own layout design - plan your design and quantities using our online tools:

Design & Layout Planner for MotoLock Tiles

Price Calculator

Installation Guide:

The Light Grey Recycled Cointop - Motolock Interlocking Tile can be cut or shaped using basic DIY skills and standard hand tools. Read more about installing the following Mototile Floor Tiles:

How to install MotoLock Tiles


Pack of 100 Tiles for an approx 25m2 floor space. Please see measurements below of each tile

Tile Type Outside to Outside (mm): 510 x 510 | Inside to Inside (mm): 480 x 480 | Inside to Outside (mm): 495 x 495 | Thickness (mm) : 7

If you would like to mix your pattern design e.g. 50 MotoLock Light Grey Recycled Cointop pattern tiles and 50 MotoLock Mid Grey Recycled Diamond Plate pattern tiles. Please contact us or you can place your order online and leave us a message in the "Customers Notes (optional)" box when you reach the Order Summary section.

Finishing Touches To Your Flooring:

Combine your Light Grey Recycled Cointop - Motolock Interlocking Tile ith a range of coloured ramps/edging, skirting boards and trim inserts and don’t forget to add the Non-marking Rubber Mallet to your basket.

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