- 2016 Hyundai Veloster

Light Painting

1y ago


As someone who is quite into photography and cars, I finally decided to get myself a decent set of LED light sticks or similar and try this fantastic art of light painting. After, all, How hard can it Be? ;)

Of course, I was inspired by the hundreds of fantastic photos I get to see everyday online which led me to researching on how to do this technique and how to get some decent results. S in my quest, I decided to go with the cheapest option first as a trial, and got a nice emergency LED light stick that costs around 15$. Here are some of the results after some post processing, all images are single images and no stacking is done. This was supposed to be a "single shot" test at 1 AM, but hey, sometimes the outcome is better than expected. Here are some of my favorite shots. The ugly crop is due to Drive Tribe, I am available on Instagram and 500px as well.

A beautiful interior can really be shown off with a shine of light.

Finding interesting angles can be a bit tricky at time

Being unconventional and thinking out of the box can yield some good results.

Best shot of the day... Very dramatic, mysterious, and angry looking !