LIGHTNING MCQUEEN. Greg Hageman’s Tribute Husqvarna SM 610 Scrambler

3w ago


Provenance; a word usually reserved for the fine art connoisseurs amongst us, but recently it proved the difference between a motorcycle selling for less than two grand and a quarter of a million dollars. That particular bike was Steve McQueen’s very own Husqvarna 400 Cross that he rode in the groundbreaking classic, On Any Sunday. But rather than bid at auction, another wise collector with four Hageman Motorcycles already in his garage decided to go straight to the source and have his custom tailor-made. The result is this incredible union of old and new, a thumping 2007 Husqvarna SM 610 fused with all the nostalgia and charm of the very collectible 400 Cross.

The McQueen bike had previously sold for just $1500 ten years ago, but now with the right paperwork to prove the link to its famous owner it fetched the second highest amount ever paid for a two-stroke. “I’ve always been both a Husqvarna and a Steve McQueen fan, the On Any Sunday movie only reinforced that. To me though, those are the bikes in my dreams, not the modern plastic ones. Obviously the new plastic ones are much better, so why not combine the beauty of one with the performance of the other?” smiles Hageman.


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