Lightweight Madness - 320Kg GSX-R Powered Cross Kart on the Limit

Karl Massaad and his SpeedCar, the fastest Cross Kart machine in Lebanon

Lebanon is known, Hillclimb Racing-wise, by their Lancer Evo and BMW Monsters, but during the last couple years we have seen the Cross Karts gaining popularity and giving incredible displays of speed and courage. And Karl Massaad with his SpeedCar GSX-R750 is probably the best of them all.

Weighing only 342Kg and powered by a 150Hp/14.700rpm engine taken from a Suzuki GSX-R750 bike, this little Monster originally built in Spain, is here taken to the very limit at Mreijat Hill Climb where it won its class overall.

None of this footage would be possible to watch without the collaboration of MMS Racing, who is now as official partner of HillClimb Monsters, helping us bring the best footage from the Lebanese Hillclimb Championship from now on. Check them out right here:

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