Like Father like Son

Tom Bowen posted in M K 3

2y ago


I first met Stevie a couple of years ago, I can't remember who was giving who parts but it seems to be a bit of tradition to be handing over our hoards of parts to each other. I met Rob not long after too and it was clear that this Father and Son team were some of the most genuine guys that I have come across in the VAG scene.

What a pair!

Compliments of personality aside, these two own a small carpark worth of cars and the two I am most interested in are the 3rd generation A chassis' that you see before you. The perfectly finished but never quite finished red 3dr with its smooth bumpers, gleaming paintwork and whatever wheels the guys dig out of their collection for the day that never fail to compliment it belongs to Rob.

Debadged grill, smooth bumpers and flush audi door handles. This thing flows so well.

The more you look at the golf, the more you notice, the Audi handles, the smoothed indicators and the single wiper conversion are all elegant touches to really make this car stand out from the crowd of carbon copy financed cars. It has been years in the making and although there is no air suspension taking the body down to the floor tucking expensive split wheels, the golf holds its own in amongst other show cars.

Stevie's Vento on the other hand is used and abused daily, the paintwork may not be the absolute best, the engine may not make it the fastest but the man behind the wheel and the personality that the car itself has, makes it one of my favourites. This vento started life off as Rob's and Stevie bought it a couple of years ago. How one person can make a black car darker, I am not quite sure but having gained the nickname 'Vader', this car is as dark as it gets. Stevie also seems to have inherited his fathers lust for wheels and this car has had more new wheels in the past 18 months than I have had in my entire car ownership.

Black on black on black on black

Stevie runs his own tribe, Reformed Vag, find it, join it, follow it! There is also facebooks and instagrams for the page. Not only that but he helps run the Northants Vag Society meets weekly and he's normally lurking at Kettering Cars and Coffee and every other show going it seems!

Even the dark side needs a bit of colour. Give Stevie a follow on his instagram pages @sniper.shot.stevie and @reformedvag