L​i'l Red Devil: Quick Custom Job on a Matchbox Trucks Series '35 Ford Hot Rod Truck

6​0s-style rodding in 2021.

M​y starting point. Kinda hokey looking and more like a toy than a model.

M​y starting point. Kinda hokey looking and more like a toy than a model.

I​ started this project with my only diecast find from my last trip up north to Albany, Oregon. The Walmart was incredibly picked over, with little but this hot rod remaining of interest to me.

A​fter getting it home, I drilled it out, trimmed the base so that wheels of a non-mainline Mattel design could be more easily fitted & there would be more clearance for realistic rubber, detailed the suspension and engine, painted the seat flat black with a red dashboard that had the gauges hand-painted in and had a red & silver steering wheel and red shift knob, with silver foot pedals in black simulated-texture carpet.

T​hen I turned my attention to the body. That was fully detampoed, the door handles & grille were carefully taken back to bare metal with a small emery board, a "mail slot" rear window drawn on the body freehand, detailed grille insert and lights (including the full rear fascia), body-color bed floor on the plastic part, aluminum-colored storage locker with latch & tiedowns at the front of the bed.

M​y final moves were to install Hot Wheels redline chrome reversed Real Riders on the back and add some black accents to the bed & tailgate along with tailgate hardware details, with a spare pair of M2 Machines musclecar redline 5-spokes up front, before pressing/gluing everything back together for good.

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