- L​il Uzi Vert’s Audi R8

L​il Uzi Vert’s 950hp, Widebody, Animé Audi R8

J​ust another car from Uzi’s insane car collection.

36w ago

A​s we’ve seen, Lil Uzi has a very strange Bugatti Veyron but thats not his only weird supercar- introducing his Audi R8.

U​zi’s R8 is jam-packed with upgrades. This ranges from an extensive interior upgrade to rally lights at the front. Uzi’s R8 was also taken to Car Effex in Sewell, New Jersey, where they installed a widebody kit and actually did a bumper delete. On top of that, they added a powerful Sheepy Twin Turbo engine and a huge spoiler to increase the car’s overall performance- this means that the car has 950hp.

O​f course, that’s not all, as you can see, there is a very eye-capturing wrap on the car. This chromatic wrap features Sinon from the animé, ‘Sword Art Online’ and Azusa from ‘K-ON!’. Alongside that, it comes with light blue 22” staggered Forgiato wheels and an insane JL sound system.

T​he Final Verdict

I​ think many of us can agree that he ruined the Bugatti but I quite like his R8. From the modifications all the way to the wrap, I think it suits the car very well. Obviously it’s incredibly flashy but it’s also incredibly powerful.

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