limited edition mclaren 675Lt

So why then would McLaren put out the 675LT? Because their idea of perfection is apparently more critical than mine.

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The 650S from McLaren is perfection. I really can't think of something to fault it with. The driving is precise, the styling is amazing and the performance is mind blowing. So why then would McLaren put out the 675LT? Because their idea of perfection is apparently more critical than mine. Just when I, along with several of my automotive journalist colleagues, thought McLaren couldn't top their cars already on the market, they dropped the 675LT on us. Collectively, we all cried with joy and horror that something so menacing and perfect could be created. This is my story.
Already smitten with the McLaren 650S I was curious to see what a 675LT (LT standing for Long Tail) could do. The uber distilled version of the 650 and 570, the 675LT is a limited edition car that has subtle changes weaved into it, making it a completely different animal. An entire 1.5 inches longer than the 650S, the 675LT gets its added length from its front chin splitter that is the worry of anyone driving the car. However, it more than makes up for this anxiety by being a mindblowingly fast car, capable of speeds where such a device is very necessary. Then again, so is a fresh pair of underwear.
Still sporting the same twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 as the 650S, the 675LT's engine has been massaged a little further put out 25 more horses of power. Just outboard of the motor sits the active aero wing, which is along a bit larger than the 650S and makes stopping on a dime easy. Added to the list of changes are about one third of the body panels made lighter with carbon fiber goodness. The rear window has been replaced by a handsome louvered plexiglass panel to free up even more weight. But what is the best feature of the 675LT are the two cannon sized exhausts in the back of the car, made from super expensive, but lightweight titanium. Everyone who sees them falls in love instantly and what sounds come from it, are music to the ears of audiences a mile away.
Getting down the road, the 675LT is a world class car. It is brutal and fast. The go pedal needs a warning sign on it because the speeds that can be achieved in a short period of time are just astonishing. I had the best time in the car and was terribly sad to see it go away. The air intake ducts and louvers all over the body are purposeful and show the world McLaren means business. And with a horsepower rating of 666, there is definitely something lurking inside the 675LT that makes it special and just bit frightening.

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