LIQUID MENTAL. A Chrome Ducati Cafe Racer from Walt Siegl

If your next visit to the chrome platers is more expensive than you anticipated, it's probably because Walt Siegl has cornered the market.

3y ago

If there’s one American bike show that’s really been punching above its weight in the last year or two, it’s the Brooklyn Invitational. You know something’s up when two separate world-class builders recommend the show as the cream of the US crop to you in the same week. Actually, make that three. Why? Because clearly New Hampshire’s Walt Siegl saved his best bike for the show, too. And here it is; a Ducati Monster 1100S that’s got more shiny chrome than Terminator 2.

“Business is good,” says Walt. “We’re currently working on several of our Bol d’Ors and Leggeros, one of which has been commissioned by an owner of RevIt & Rizoma USA. The bike will be traveling to the International Motorcycle Shows throughout the US over the next several months. We also continue to complete orders for the new Walt Siegl Motorcycles adventure model, called ‘L’Avventura’“.


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