- The Lista motor festival had something for everybody.

Lista motor festival in pictures

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Every year, during the last few days of the summer break, a motoring festival is run on an old military airbase in Lista, Norway.

Although it isn't the largest motoring festival around, it has grown a lot this year. It’s surprisingly busy, with something for every motoring enthusiasts' liking; including both modern and classic cars, racing, helicopters, planes - and even explosions at some point.

Because it was quite a stretch from the entrance to the festival itself, a pair of charming buses would bring you to the centre of all the action. Still, some people chose to walk and enjoy the surroundings.

It was quite a busy festival, with something for everyone. Not only was there action on the ground, but plenty of action in the sky as well; with helicopters and fighter jets flying over your head it was very difficult to get bored.

There was a lot of things to see, but drag racing might be one of the most popular alternatives on the programme, with fans turning up to cheer for their favourite drivers.

It wasn't just professionals that were there to put their foot down, though. Plenty of fast cars were competing to get the best possible time - and some of them would surprise you.

Although there were quite a few, not all the cars were there to drive fast. A large number of vehicles, both modern and classics, were nicely parked around the the airstrip for people to admire.

There was a lot of love for Beetles.

Drifting was also on the menu, and the strong wind carried the smell of burnt rubber all over the runway.

Because it's not the biggest motoring festival around, it gave many people a chance to speak with racing drivers and car owners to learn more about their vehicles.

The dashboard of a Hillman Minx Series 111c.

A small 1963 Cadillac Convertible nicely displayed in the window of a large one. The small detail caught a lot of eyes, and really made people smile.

When drivers went off for a break, it gave people the opportunity to have a more thorough look at the incredible motors.

A belly tank racer known as the Flying Norwegian was for many one of the biggest highlights of the festival.

People gathered around to have a look at the interesting machine as it was getting ready for its run. The blustery wind made closing the windshield quite a challenge.

A fantastic 1977 Land Rover Series III, decorated with ropes to give it even more of an adventurous feeling.

The other bus getting ready to go back to the gate, as a few people go home for the day.

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