Listen: Hans Zimmer composed the fake noise for BMW's electric concept

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BMW is serious about electrifying their vehicles. Part of the unveiling their latest electric concept, the Vision M NEXT, they also announced that in the next four years, 25 electric vehicles would see the light of day.

However, there is one problem. BMW likes to call their cars "ultimate driving machines", and that doesn't translate well when it comes to electric vehicles. Yes, they can be fast. As a matter of fact, Tesla Model 3 Performance is faster around a track that the BMW M3, but something is still missing

The Noise

There is no drama, there is no audio feedback that things are happening, that the car is accelerating or slowing down, and this something every petrolhead will frown their face at.

For this reason, BMW turned to Hans Zimmer, a famous movie soundtrack composer, to help them out. Working previously on some futuristic movies like BladeRunner 2049 and Interstellar, it must be said that Zimmer was the right pick.

And here is the result: this is what future BMWs will sound like 👇

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Sounds a lot like that THX deep noise, doesn't it?

Fake noises are nothing new

The truth is, big noisy engines are going away. The most powerful Ferrari right now has a V8. Not the V12 as it used to be. Same story goes with Mercedes and many others too.

Because smaller engines make less pleasing noise, the artificial one is pumped into the cabin through the speakers. BMW already does that with a number of their internal combustion cars.

As for the silent electric vehicles, Jaguar and Harley Davidson both have designed sounds to give some feedback to people outside and well as to people driving or riding them. And do you know what, I like these new noises.

Who knows, when the electric Mustang SUV finally arrives, it might even make the fake V8 noise.

Do you like the futuristic noise?

Can artificial noise ever be enough for true petrolheads?

Is the noise important?

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Written by: Styp P

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